Have you ever wondered why your internet browser is redirecting you to strange sites instead of the site address that you typed. If you have seen the following symptoms, then you are very likely infected by the dreaded redirect virus, which is in fact technically a “Browser Hijack Object” or a “Trojan Horse”.

* Google Redirects
* Yahoo & Bing Redirects
* Fake Popups Show
* Cannot Remove With Antivirus

Although people tend to call this as “Google redirect virus”, the issue is has nothing to do with Google itself which is the leading search engine with utmost integrity. What makes the url redirect is a “browser hijack” casued by this tricky virus.

Have you spent huge amount of time trying to remove this offending virus with no luck? Fortunately there is a product that does the trick perfectly. This is an authentic software tool was written specifically for this virus, by an industry expert. Hear more from the creator himself on this virus and product